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About tarot mood live

Hosted by Natalie Meraki

Tarot Mood is a new TFRlive show covering relatable, irreverent, real life tarot topics for your esoteric entertainment. 

Join us each Saturday night from 9PM to 10PM PST to chat about all things tarot and tarot related. Like that scene from Forest Gump where Bubba lists all the shrimp dishes, but with tarot crap. 

TFR mission: “Truth Frequency Radio is a team of individuals focused on expanding the consciousness of humanity by shining the light in the darkness. We are here to promote love, unity, and respect for every human being, as we combat and expose the elements that systematically divide and enslave mankind. While our opinions may sometimes be the opposite of one another, the foundation and goals upon which we stand are always aimed at forging a better world for the next generation.”

Tarot Mood mission: EFF UP TAROT SHIZ!

Always taking callers the second half of the show. 

TFRlive show host Natalie Meraki
TFRlive show host Natalie Meraki

upcoming shows

July 20th, 2019 - Tarot and Rune Reader Steve Zerilath

Steve “Zerilath” was born with a very imaginative and intuitive mind which plagued him with heavy limitations on his social and economic life.  In the pursuit of finding his place in the world at a young age he fell in love with Starwars, the X-files, and Japanese anime and gaming!

After 9/11 Zerilath became very interested in how the news assigned opinions and how it never reported on investigation published on the internet.  Over time he discovered the occult nature of secret of societies with government control.  This lead him to believe he needed to study hidden history and magick.

Eventually, Steve chose to start transcendental practices in his life.  Qi, Kundalini, Psychic talent and Empathic intuition.  On his journey he has had visionary dreams, UFO sightings, and spirit interactions.  

In the present moment Steve has been exploring his ancestors among the Etruscan, Franks, and Celts, and opened to divination via Tarot and Elder Futhark Runes!  To his knowledge he is one of two readers who combines runes and tarot in a psychic synthesis, turning Tarot on its head revealing the energy behind the card! for readings

Tarot and rune reader Steve Zerilath
Tarot and rune reader Steve Zerilath

July 27th, 2019 - Past Life Regression Expert Lisa Ezell

Lisa Ezell recently released her first book 101 Past Life Clues. Growing up Lisa had never heard about reincarnation. Almost 25 years later, Lisa has uncovered how God uses synchronistic events in everyday life to remind us who we are and our Souls true purpose. Learning about her past lives has changed her life. She now teaches others how to unlock this vital information thatis encoded within our Soul’s memory. 

Lisa a true skeptic herself, is always searching for truth. Her book 101 Past Life Clues is based on facts and historical events that prove we are not living a single incarnation. We bring with us unresolved Karma, memories, and positive and negative experiences from our past lives into our current life and relationships. 

Lisa and her husband live south of Portland Oregon. They have a 21-year-old daughter who is a Business and Marketing Major at the University of Memphis. Lisa and her Soul Mate of 23 years enjoy the outdoors, trips to the coast and spending time with friends. They love to meet new people and traveling to beautiful scenic locations.

Lisa has developed the ability to decode the messages from Spirit to improve her life. She wants to share this knowledge to teach others how to improve their life and their current relationships by looking into their past and developing a personal relationship with Spirit.

Hypnosis and past life regressions can be scary, and unnecessary. Her book shows you how to uncover past life memories, completely awake, doing everyday things at home, at work, even while out shopping!

Lisa uses real-life experiences to show how to uncover these messages for yourself. Funny, honest, a bold new approach, revealing simple steps anyone can do. Full of facts, humor, and sarcasm, not your typical spiritual book!

Early reviews are calling 101 Past Life Clues, “Eye Opening! A Spiritual Trailblazer! A Divine Revolution!” This groundbreaking book uses logic and reason to prove we are repeating history. 

101 Past Life Clues is the first book in the Speaking Spiritual Codex series, revealing crucial information from your past livesthat determine your life purpose. 

Find her book on

Author Lisa Ezell
Author Lisa Ezell

August 3rd, 2019 - Tarot Reader and Author Dusty White


Past shows

May 25th, 2019 - Author Morten Juhl Agerfeldt


Join Natalie for her first ever TFRlive broadcast as she interviews author Morten Juhl Agerfeldt about his new tarot book, Cartomaniacal, and takes callers the second half of the show! 

Morten is a Denmark based author, tarotist, traveler, physiotherapist, as well as practitioner and teacher of various martial arts from different countries, both armed and unarmed.

Having watched a Harry Potter marathon in 2012, he decided that his life contained entirely too little magic, and settled on the Tarot as a means of introducing some magic into it. He then set forth on a quest to find the perfect tarot deck for him! After having been around the block (read: deck), he ultimately settled on the Rider Waite Smith, Centennial Edition, that he chose for its color scheme which he says “made a World (XXI) of difference", compared to the Danish edition RWS with which he studied.

As a child, he read comics and did a lot of drawing, so the visual language of the tarot seemed to him like an ideal medium for peeking behind the opaque veil of the subconscious, while having a bit of fun in the process.

Morten spends his free time reading and learning, helping other Tarotists learn via examples of his personal reading style and trying to escape the Matrix in general.

Book a reading with Morten by e-mailing

Buy his new book on Amazon at

Follow him on Facebook and Instagram @MortenJuhlAgerfeldt

Author Morten Juhl Agerfeldt
Author Morten Juhl Agerfeldt

June 1st, 2019- Podcaster, Astrologer and Tarotist Sharon Lewis

Catch the replay:

Skwirl (Sharon Lewis) has been reading  Tarot for over 30 years and has recently been studying Astrology.  

Most of her time is spent working with the House of White Metaphysical Academy as a guide for people learning Tarot and Astrology.  

When she actually remembers that there is life outside of the metaphyisical, she likes to spend time with her husband and 2 sons and her cat.  Sometimes they have to remind her that she needs to eat or do something else boring like that, but they are super patient with her.  

She loves to take time to do readings, so feel free to contact her at :

Podcaster, astrologer and tarotist Sharon Lewis
Podcaster, astrologer and tarotist Sharon Lewis

June 8th, 2019 - Witch Bitch Rebecca Jade

Catch the replay:

Rebecca is an eclectic witch that was born into the craft with a clairvoyant lineage,  and she is a true weirdo in every sense of the word. 

Rebecca has also read tarot for over 20 years and has used her craft to calm her wild mind, expand her horizons, and loves to lead others down their own path of witchbitchery in a bid to reclaim their own power,  heal their traumas and celebrate their uniqueness honest, human beauty. 

In the normie world, Rebecca is a Behavioural Specialist that is also studying criminology with a view to reform prisons from hellish workhouses to places of rehabilitation. 

Yup. She really is that bitch.

You can find her on Instagram @jadespells  

Witch bitch Rebecca Jade
Witch bitch Rebecca Jade

June 15th, 2019 - Best Selling Tarot Author Dusty White

Catch the replay at:

WUT?! YAS! I just interviewed Dusty White, The best-selling tarot book author in the world! 

He said underwear talk was off limits...and I am tempted to ask him how “tarot porn” goes, but I keep my cool and instead shake down Dusty for advice. 

In this episode we have tips for newbies, AND tips for professional readers who are struggling to find their niche...and CATZ!

We delight or offend you with Bad Tarot Readings during the second half of the show. 

Dusty White transforms astrologers and Tarot readers (beginners, professionals, and experts) into Zen masters of the metaphysical arts. 

He is the author of several books on metaphysics including The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—Ever!! and Advanced Tarot Secrets. New  book  coming  this  summer,  The Easiest Way to Learn Astrology—Ever!!

A native son of southern California he now lives in the emerald forest above Santa Cruz.

Easy Tarot Lessons on itunes and Facebook:

Books on Amazon

Tarot author Dusty White
Tarot author Dusty White

June 22nd, 2019 - Tarotist Joseph Arp Rodgers

Let’s fix your boring evening with psychic entertainer, and Crow Haven Corner tarot reader, Joseph Rogers! I’ll harass the crap out of him, and then let callers harass him the second half of the show. Gonna be great, frandz! 

Joseph Rodgers is a 28 years old, former atheist turned occultist. He’s a sheet metal worker, a psychic entertainer, an artist, and occasionally a Youtuber,  as well as a twinless twin.

He currently lives in Salem MA, where he reads tarot for the famous witchcraft store, Crow Haven Corner. 

You can find Joseph on YouTube @ Tattooed Tarot Reader 

You can book an online reading with him on Facebook at Path of the Magus Tarot Readings, or by e-mail at

Fine craftwitchship of Joseph’s can be found on Facebook at Pale Hecate’s Offering 

Tarotist and magician Joseph Arp
Tarotist and magician Joseph Arp

June 29th, 2019 - Tarot Reader Joshua D. Peterson

Joshua of Fathoming Fish Tarot Services has been reading tarot and studying the occult for 17 years.


A human services professional and disability advocate in his main career, Joshua likes to maintain a practical, person-focused center with his tarot business. 

He is a multidisciplinary reader who also teaches tarot to students privately and in a workshop setting. 

He recently opened a tarot studio in the historic Masonic Temple building in the heart of the art community in Zanesville, Ohio. 

When he is not at slinging cards, he enjoys spending time with his family and cat, and tabletop gaming.

You can find more about his business at or by emailing him at, or by throwing yourself directly into the sea while screaming “I NEED A READING!”

Tarotist Joshua D. Peterson
Tarotist Joshua D. Peterson

July 6th, 2019 - Tarot Reader and Reiki Healer Robin Dear

Robin Dear has been influenced by, and is continuously influencing, the metaphysical since 1980 something. An exact date is elusive because the 80’s are a bit fuzzy for her. They tell her she had a good time though. 

She’s an Energy Manager by profession - electric energy; and an energy user - the universe's’ energy, baby - for fun. 

She is a Tarot reader and Moderator for the House of White’s mystery school and a brand new YouTuber - catch her at Crystal Clear with Robin Dear where she talks about meditation and crystal stuffs. 

Robin also does Reiki healing and is a Certified Master/Teacher of Crystal Reiki.

Tarotist and Reiki Healer Robin Dear
Tarotist and Reiki Healer Robin Dear

July 13th, 2019 Paranormal Investigator DeEllen Hardy

DeEllen is an international psychic empath, medium, and tarot reader. She also enjoys paranormal investigation, is a reiki master, spiritual teacher and ordained minister. DeEllen and her partner, Rick, own The Crystal Crossroads in Newberg, Oregon. 

The Crystal Crossroads Specializes in alternative self care with Crystals, Gemstone Jewelry, Herbs, Essential Oils, Aromatic Candles, Salts, Bathbombs & More

DeEllen will be telling us about her experiences in crystals, Reiki and paranormal investigation.

Call the show during the second half for NAME THAT HAUNTING, where we will take calls about your ghost stories and DeEllen will diagnose just WTF you have going on there.

The Crystal Crossroads owner DeEllen Hardy
The Crystal Crossroads owner DeEllen Hardy

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